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Hill View Park, A Worthy Place Located Nearby Idukki Dam
            Idukki and Cheruthoni Dams in Idukki district, Kerala, India are the most popular tourist attractions of the state. Of which Idukki Dam is still popular since it's the biggest arch dam of Asia with an amazing height of 550 ft.
            These days both Idukki and Cheruthoni Dam will not be always kept opened for the visitors coming from nearby area and other parts of the country. People would get the opportunity of walking along the dam top only on the festival and vacation times. At that time dam officials working there will charge Rs. 10/- per head to enter into the Dams.
            Many people who came here in unseason became frustrated as they would not be allowed to enter into the Dam. Here is the good news for those who missed the chance of enjoy seeing those giant dams. If you are not allowed to see the dams, you can just go to enjoy the nearby park called 'Hill View Park'.
            I hope anyone will like that magnificent and wonderful park spreads over 8 acres and flourished with many hundreds of species of crotons, flowers and other vegetations. The entry fee is just Rs.10/- for adult and Rs.5/- for children. It will be kept opened throughout the year and you can come here with full confidence to enjoy natural sceneries. The park is situated at about 1.5 Km from the Idukki town and at about 350 ft above the dam water level. From the park we can get the panoramic aerial view of both Cheruthoni, lying on the left and Idukki Dam, lying on the opposite side of the park. The park has been carefully and neatly constructed on a small hill and we can easily climb up and enjoy every part of the park which would attract us with countless number of colorful crotons, herbal plants and beautiful flowers. We can easily reach every part of the park as it is provided with gentle slope paths. Words to be found to express the ultimate beauty of surrounding cloud caping hills, variety of wood species and flowering plants that we could view while climbing up the park. In one corner of the park we can find a small pond where we can enjoy pedal boating. On the toppest point of the park we can find a beautiful watchtower from where we could enjoy the ultimate beauty of glittering water of both dams, bird eye view of Idukki town and surrounding beautiful hills in all the four directions.
            At the entrance of the park we can have the room facilities managed by KTDC at reasonable tariff . But, we need to go to nearby Idukki town for the dining purposes. However, the beautiful park will render unforgettable sweet memories when we visit here. Sometimes your group may be only one to visit the park. So, you could have an opportunity of enjoying ultimate beauty of nature in 100% privacy.
Getting There
            The nearest airport is Cochin in Kerala and Madurai in Tamil Nadu. The town Idukki is well connected by road from major cities like Cochin in Kerala and Madurai in Tamil Nadu. The nearest big town in Kerala is Kattappana.

The Content is provided by the Block Panchayath Idukki, Idukki District, Kerala.