Kamakshy Gramapanchayat Tourist Spots

  • Kalyanathandu

    Kalyanathandu with its vast watery expanses and the distant blue hills kissing the skies is surely a paradise on earth. Just climb down the hill and there is the forest, rich in a variety of flora and fauna. From a top Kalyanathandu, the view across the land is breath taking. If one is fortunate enough, he might see elephants crossing the river.

  • Pandippara Tourist para

    Pandippara is a small village in Idukki District in Kerala. People started living in this village from the mid 1950s. Karikkintholam and Eettikavala are two different parts of the village. It is a hilly area and it has a beautiful rock called Kurisupara from where we can see a part of Idukki arch dam (Idukki hydro-elctric project reservoir) which is enchanting.

  • Udayagiri – Pushpagiri – Karikkinmedu Green Hills

    This place is the conjoining of two Village Panchayaths such as Vathikudy and Kamakshi. In Idukki Block Panchayath area these places are located in the highest area, so that most of the time the climate is too cold and we can see the snow falling. Sometimes the climate seems to be like Munnar. Small tea plantations, snow falls are the main attraction of these places. When we are at the top of Kurisumala we can see in distance the Munnar hill stations and other main mountain areas of Western Ghats. The distance from Idukki is 18 Kms.

  • Pushpagiri – Devi Temple

The Content is provided by the Block Panchayath Idukki, Idukki District, Kerala.