Vathikudy Gramapanchayat Tourist Spots

  • Nerchappara

    Nerchapara is the place located nearby Karimpan – Pathinaramkandam Road and left turn near Pathinaramkadam, which is 14 Kms away from Idukki center. In the minds of high range farmers Nerchapara hill have a vital role. When we look from the height of Nerchapara we can see the fruitful and beautiful farm lands. The sceneries from Nerchapara looks like a canvas picture, such as hill stations, waterfalls, small valleys, still photographs, the unending portrait and minarets of Temples, Mosques and Churches, many streams and rivers, Suicide points, river-beds, all these sceneries will be very much enchanting to every Natural lover. Paddy fields of Thazhe Pathinaramkandam and the variety and quality of farming products are some of the specialty of this area.

  • Spices and Vegitable cultivation

    These places are highly rich vegetable cultivation area in Idukki district. The various places of Vathikudy Grama panchayath such us Upputhodu, Pathinaramkandam, Murickassery, Padamugham, Thekkinthandu, Thoprankudy and Prakash areas are the rich vegetable cultivation areas and the major Agricultural Markets in Idukki District. The different tastes of vegetables from Rajamudy and Thoprankudy are highly wonderful one. These areas got water resources for Agricultural purpose is from Murickassery kuthu and Malikuthu, these are some unknown places which have prominent role in new generation tourism of Idukki. The “Vawal Kulam” (Bat Pond) in Upputhodekuthu and Thoprankudy Valley make attention from every one. This place is located 18 Km away from Idukki.

  • Kallippara – Eenthunmedu Hills

  • Kallippara Temple

The Content is provided by the Block Panchayath Idukki, Idukki District, Kerala.